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We understand the success or failure of any electronic equipment depends largely on the power supply features of the product. As such magnetics becomes the heart of any electrical and electronic equipment. Constantly guided by customers’ requirements and expectations and commitment towards quality, we have established ourselves as vendors for the telecom and consumer electronics industry. With our emphasis on 100% customer satisfaction...

Anant Enterprises is headed by a closely held management with a professional and open attitude. This results in quick decisions and fast implementation. The CEO of the company is a technocrat with more than 30 years of experience of manufacturing and supplying these components for consumer electronics, telecoms, lighting, medical electronics, Indian Air Force….

We are also represented on the Executive Council of ELCINA Electronic Industries Association of India - the only all-India body representing electronic component manufacturers.
Transformer Technologies
Our Aim
To deliver pre-determined quality of materials at competitive prices with high consistency again and again and again.
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* Wound Components For SMPS

* High Frequency High Voltage   Transformers

* Toroidal Transformers

* Sensing Transformers

* Impedance Matching Transformers

* Signal Distribution Transformers

* Pulse Transformers

* Power Transformers

* Audio Transformers

* Coils, Chokes, Inductors

* AC-DC Adaptors

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